Monday, October 8, 2007

+VGR at EC@Princeton

Last Sunday I joined a few of my friends to hear Bishop Robinson of New Hampshire say mass and preach at the Episcopal Church at Princeton University.

I hope to write my thoughts out later today, but below are the notes that I scratched out in sharpie.... topics and quotes....

"If we didn't aspire to live a better life than our parents, then the rest of the world might live"
-defying empire
- disciples rather than (mere) admirers
- will we become the disciples to be until we lose or tax exempt status?
- where are the voices against empire
- Jesus was against the empire (- roman), Is there any doubt if Jesus were around today which empire he'd be defying?
- As episcopalian we don't worship a God locked up in 2000 years of scripture... ... we worship a living God.
- The holy spirit has changed the minds and hearts and it is not going to stop until all are accepted into God's church.

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