Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Open mouth, insert foot?

edit: Photos in next post down

This could likely be the motto for my life, and may be the reason I came across as "quiet" on Monday. Yes Tarin, Jacky, Anna, etc, I was as described of being "quiet and shy"... go ahead and laugh.

However, as we all know, I have rather severe head to mouth control issues... I'm working out.
But in the most recent one, I actually told someone that he was "nicest activist I've ever met." Who says things like that?!

Oh wait... me.

I'm not sure who felt more awkward after that comment.

Or in class when the dowdy substitute doctoral student asked what we thought the professor was doing in Wisconsin, drinking beer? (his disertation was up for some award) and I shouted back (its a large classroom) I'm sure that [drinking beer] is at least part of it.

or the, "she doesn't want a guy who thinks she sucks, she wants a relationship...."

and these are the tame examples...

Yeah.... working on that whole head to mouth control thing.

Okay... now back to my regularly scheduled homework (its 1:25am)

Oh, and we just started an organization at Rutgers focused on raising money and awareness for medical supplies for women in Burma, and are scheduling a RAW concert, so I can blame that for a bit of the procrastination... kinda....

Oh, and demonstration in the city on Saturday WAHOO....
I was going to go protest Horowitz at Columbia on Friday, but I was asked to play acolyte/chalicer at a wedding at GraSP, so I'm all about that instead (so, I guess I can be bought?).

okay, back to homework... really...

oh, and I love ellipsis....

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David said...

Nothing wrong with any of that! Having known many "activists," I can certainly imagine someone saying what you did ;)

And any self-respecting woman "doesn't want a guy who thinks she sucks."

OK, maybe the beer comment to the professor was a bit much - depends on his drinking habits & if he's had his sense of humor forcibly removed like some pompous academics I've know ;)