Monday, May 24, 2010

Strange job Possibility

The rector of a parish about 20 minutes from me called me out of the blue a few days ago to ask if I would consider becoming the Director of Children and Youth Ministries at his church. It would be 15 hours a week, with acceptable pay and a continuing education allowance.

I feel extremely conflicted about this.

I have been applying for other jobs outside of library science, so that isn't my greatest concern.

I've been avoiding youth ministry for years, because normally "young adults" get automatically saddled with it. However, I feel that I am now old enough for it to be clear that I am an adult and doing this by choice. I actually wouldn't mind working with youth. The church has a decent sized Sunday school, so most of what I would do regarding that would be administrative. There are a number of post-confirmation teens that are looking for ways to stay involved, and I'm excited at that opportunity. It would also be an exciting change to actually work for the church as empowered laity!

However, the rector is asking for a 2-3 year commitment at minimum. I thoroughly understand his desire for stability for the kids, however, I'm not sure I could handle being locked to Central Jersey for another three years. It would also mean I couldn't take full-time employment. My current job runs Mon-Thurs evening. I would be committing to losing nights and weekends.

It is also a somewhat politically conservative parish, and also the "other Episcopal church" in this town (the other being a cardinal parish of the diocese).

I'm meeting with the rector on Thursday, prayers are welcome.