Thursday, March 10, 2011

Changes Changes

This year has been an interesting, albeit incredible busy one thus far.

In early January I became engaged to Ben, a Phd candidate in Classics (who defended in December) who I met in Church last year.

He proposed on the steps of the Boston Public Library.

We're getting married at Christ Episcopal Church, in New Brunswick, NJ (where we met) on June 25th of this year.

It will be a small bridal party, with just our closest friends as Best Woman and Maid of Honor. We're both quite excited.

This also leaves both of us in a rather interesting situation in terms of long term employment. The academic job market is quite tight. At the moment, Ben is applying for short-term appointments, in hopes of later getting a tenure track job. What this means however, is that we have no idea where we will be living.

In February I quit my job, and started as the Interim Reference Librarian at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. This job is only guarantee through June, which should be fine as we will likely be moving. I love working in a seminary environment. It is a rather ecumenical seminary, so I've been able to meet and assist many different people from many different places.

I don't know what the future will hold, but for the moment, I'm feeling that God is Good.