Monday, March 29, 2010

Limericks against Universal Higher Ed

(You know I've having a fed up/off day when I start writing limericks)

It’s not that my expectations are high
That isn’t what I mean to imply
But with students in college
You expect some basic knowledge
And these kids, they don’t even try

Maybe a student or two
have some inkling of the work they should do
but the rest of the time
I can feel the decline
Of the language I thought that I knew

Sometimes I just have to pray
That this is an isolated display
Of why the system is broken
And we need more than token
Words to repair the disarray.

The notion that higher ed is for all
Will quickly be this nation’s downfall
The poor get further indebted
And we all will regret it
When there’s a clog in the lone bathroom stall

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Smoke Pot and Wear Condoms

This is written in response to listening to comedians and others talk about Christianity, especially the line about a religion that says that "sex is wrong and Christian rock is good."

Evidently, I've had a different experience with clergy than many others. Aside from the large amounts of cursing and drinking, there was also confirmation class.

We were sixteen years old and were told not to do drugs, but if we had to do drugs, to smoke pot, but to only do it once. Also, don't have sex, but since we were all going to do have sex anyway, to be sure to wear (or carry) condoms. And if our parents wouldn't get them for us, they (the priests) would. The same went for the gynaecologist. More to the point, if we got pregnant, it created more work for them.

Ditto Catholic school, where the sisters distributed an extremely detailed list of what type, how to use, the reliability, and where to get every form of contraception imaginable -- that it was a sin to use.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poem written while waiting at the West 4th subway stop

Today the NYC subway was broken,
and NJTransit delayed from AC to Hoboken,
Getting to NYU was a pain,
And next weekend I get to do it again,
Maybe then I will have better luck,
But for now I ask "MTA, what the f#@k?"