Sunday, October 28, 2007

Show me what Democracy looks like (this is what democracy look like)!

Yesterday morning I joined a group from Rutgers and thousands from around the region to protest the US illegal occupation of Iraq and its policies of imperialism. The day was rainy and kept some in, but we were motivated. I rode in with some members of RAW and the Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War and met up with the student contingent. Following a march in some parts of the city with which I'm less familiar (that being anything below 14th street - bourgeois, I know).

Following that I went with a friend to have lunch with some members of Solidarity in the New York area. Very interesting and extremely informative time. As someone far less familiar with the labour movement than I should be, it was extremely enlightening.

Ended up going out for a drink with someone I met at the group to learn more about a women's conference being planned and later met up with a good friend from York who is working at Columbia for dinner.

Now for the pictures... they aren't great in part because of the weather and in part because I really wasn't paying attention when I took them.

The president in his native dress.

So evidently,I didn't take this one.
Or this one...

Amazing bookstore (around Broadway and 14th

Let it rain! Let it pour! Together we can stop this war!

Some guy was dressed up as V.

And of course, the live shots!!! The guy hold the banner yelling is Ian. He is awesome (and not as crazy as he appears in this shot).

Longer and better....


Grandmère Mimi said...

Allie, I wish I could have been there, rain and all.

Allie said...

It was a blast!