Friday, March 28, 2008


The Walk Out got press!!!
(Links go directory to the story)

Asbury Park Press
Courier News
The Star Ledger (click new photos under the main photo). We are also on the front page of the Local (ie Middlesex) page in the print version) The above photo was from this paper.
Home News Tribune
Michael Moore's website (I'm off to the side on the front page)
Daily Targum
There was also press from not print sources such as

and MTV2 among others.

More pictures are available here and here

Thanks to the WalkOut C
oalition and to everyone whowalked out or joined up!


johnieb said...

In the Black Sweatshirt and White headband? I thought that was you!

Great press! It's really good to see this happening.

Allie said...

yep Thats me :-D

I just wish more people had come out...

But this is better than nothing :-D

Paul (A.) said...

And you made it to the front of the Middlesex County section today in the picture accompanying the report on the municipal court appearance.