Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Extra.. Extra.. Read all about it!!! Its a miracle....

We managed to have a diocesan convention that didn't make the headlines... but we DID do some cool stuff.

1. College chaplaincies now have seat, voice, and vote. This is awesome as many of our members do not have parishes outside of the chaplaincies.

2. We elected two alternates under the age of 25 who will be attending convention. IMO we were not elected just because of our ages.

3. A resolution was passed against the violence in Darfur. The resolution called for the forming of a committee to raise awareness and look into what we can do.

4. We had the opportunity to hear about some of the fabulous things being done in our diocese, the national church, and the Anglican Communion.

Its amazing what can be done when the convention is not spent debating human sexuality.

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Cavan said...

Debating human sexuality, eh? And here I thought your thing would be totally outside of my interests. You people are cooler than I thought. ;-)

But seriously, I hope you guys raise lots of money (or at least awareness) for Darfur; too many people aren't paying attention because the media has decided to "move on". Human lives don't "move on", you SOB's.

Sorry, but the American culture pisses me off sometimes.