Saturday, September 29, 2007

Watering us down

Most of you know I'm against military action of almost any sort and that I can't stand offensive measures, but although I don't know much about military strategy, even I can see that this is bad planning.
The Kyl-Leiberman amendment essentially just turned the strongest branch of the Iranian military into a terrorist group. This basically gives us the" responsibility" to invade if they make any military move (I thought Syria would be next, oh well). That would be like a government calling the Marine Corps a terrorist group. Let me make this clear - I do not like or respect Ahamud Ahmadinejad, or his government.
But this just seems like bad planning. We are actively in Iraq and Afghanistan and have smaller forces in many other countries. The guard has been deployed, what now? Many leaders in the middle east are taunting us, and we are falling for it. They are draining us, watering down our forces, and I have to wonder to what ends. We know that many of the leaders over there don't value the lives of their own citizens, so I don't wonder if they will stop.

So it goes.
Prayers for peace, justice, and mercy in the word.

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