Tuesday, September 18, 2007

John McCain...Episcobaptist?

I awoke this morning to an IM from a friend asking me if I was aware of this article.
Basically, McCain was finally asked if he identified as an Episcopalian (how he tends to market himself) or a Baptist (the sort of church he has been attending for years).
After he failed at trying to tell them that it didn't matter, he was still a Christian, he finally admitted that although he was raised Episcopalian, he did identify as a Baptist (although he was never formally received).
In the AP article, McCain mentioned that one of the reasons he attends the Baptist church was because he found it more fulfilling - and I've heard a lot of people say this.
TEC is very focused on bringing in more people my age by looking at alternative worship styles, but I wonder if they would fare better using them for boomers as well.
I love my high church worship - the smells and bells, historical liturgy and all around pretty... but sometimes I'll admit I love a more contemporary free style of worship. As an undergrad I often enjoyed attending IVCF (for the worship, I could do without their theology or politics), and as a grad student I sometimes miss it.
I tend to pray more contemplatively, and some of my best conversations with God happen during late night walks. But sometimes there is something to be said for being able to clap my hands and throw my arms up in the air for God.
Oh, and enthusiastic sermons are definitely a better way to go than droning at 9:30am.


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