Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HOB document thingy...

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edit1: please read the related post a few below first... its a bit better thought out and written...

Let me begin by saying that I truly wonder how long the church will continue to get in the way of God's mission... Seriously, when "historical orthodoxy" (read, keeping things the same as they always were) gets in the way of where God is leading his flock, you have to wonder where the logic is.

For anyone who has continued to read this far and doesn't know what I'm talking about, the Episcopal House of Bishops has just met in New Orleans, and, as a friend put it "are a bunch of wussies." While I might have chosen different language, I do have to agree.

They agreed to "show restraint" in consenting to bishops whose lifestyle was a problem to others in the AC, and confirmed that homosexuals fit into this category BUT then later explained full support of LGBT members of the church (go figure).

I agree with what others have said, if you believe in it, its time to show it, if not, then don't. But stop straddling the yellow long. God is leading us somewhere, let's follow....

oh, and read the related post a few below, its much better written and thought out.

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