Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I know I've been a bit quiet lately. I'm just trying to get some stuff straight


Eileen said...

Thinking about you...hope you're ok.

Allie said...

I feel a bit like I'm drowning.

I've just been really down and have a rather shitty attitude on just about everything right now that I figure people don't really need hear a young twenty something being emo.

I'm going through a few roughs spots and have been finding some trouble seeing the way out. or at least the way out doesn't seem a whole lot brighter.

At any rate, the last thing I want right now is a bunch of people my parents age (or older)saying thoughtless or condenscendng things about remembering being where I am now or how I'll get over it. Cause that really isn't helpful.

My problems tend to be anxiety rather than depression.

At any rate, I'm sure I'll get on board soon, I've sort of dropped off most groups I've been a part of.

Eileen said...


I'm praying for you.

And I'm open to listening, any time you need an ear. You know that.