Friday, April 18, 2008

I miss paper

When I was younger, if I had a paper, I would type have my papers or my notebook, and I would go to a typewriter or take my notebook, bang it out, and then have a stack of papers to bring to my teacher's mailbox.

Today I spent hours in the graduate study room at the library typing a 13 page paper... emailed it to my professor and walked out of the library holding nothing more than I went in with - my purse and mp3 player. It is a bit of a let down... all that work and nothing material to show for it.

I'm not actually complaining, this is clearly better for the environment and doesn't involve keeping term papers and thesis in the freezer, but still...

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PseudoPiskie said...

I would still have paper as I can't proofread accurately on the screen. Just now I'm throwing out college papers from 1958, 1974 and 1994 as I'm cleaning out stuff from 40 years in my house. Be happy you don't have the paper.