Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anticipated plans for my birthday

1. Write Reference paper
2. Stop looking out window and write reference paper
2.5 (edit) Realise that it 60 degrees outside and that writing this paper will allow me to be out there.
3. Realise that reference paper will not get written at home, go to campus, write paper
4. Spill tea (edit: left travel mug of tea on bedroom dresser)
5. write reference paper
6. Meet with IS professor regarding a very poorly annotated bibliography (that's what I assume)
7. Go to Reference class
8. Realise I forgot to print out paper, run to computer lab
9. Hand in Reference paper
10. Go to Canterbury House for former Iraq Interrogator talk +mass
11. Explain to athiest activist friends that no, I'm not a crazy religion person (well, not crazy b/c of religion)
12. Go to Rutgers Against the War Meeting
13. Get drunk for the first time in years.
14. Sleep


Cavan said...

#11 is basically all of RAW, haha. We're such heathens, what can I say.

And you went back to drinking? Yeah, we're getting you mad crunk! (money permitting, lol)

Ian said...

So if Rafael, the athiest sings the Internationale when he gets drunk..... do you sing "onward christian soldier?"

Allie said...

Um... no. Actually, when I was younger a few of us led a boycott of militaristic religious songs.

But interesting idea.

Actually, I think I'm rather annoying drunk. But I might be too broke for you all to find out.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

does birfday dance for you...

And yay for date below....YAY!!!