Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New GraSP homepage

I've just redesigned the index page for the Grace-St. Paul's website (you can see the former design in all the inner links).

Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.



pj said...

Greetings, Mistress of the Web!

Well, I never saw the old page but I can tell you that the new design is clean and easy to navigate, and I like the fact that there's so much info (description of the services and whatnot) for each sub-page. Nice going!

pj said...

Me again. Wanted to add, I'm usually partial to serif fonts but I think the large, clean type you've used will be appreciated by lots of folks. (My husband, for example, is too vain to wear his reading glasses.)


Allie said...

PJ, the inner pages are the old design, the front page is the new design. The navy and white is how the old design index page looked.

I tend to like serif fonts as well, (esp garamond and bookman) but this worked a bit better.