Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Series (in progress)

A Series of Verses Describing the Variety of Librarians

There are many librarian sorts this is true
reference, catalogers, and school teachers too
But this isn't the best way
to KNOW who they are
But with this short cheat sheet you will go far.

Typical awkward librarian males
Are skinny, obsessive, intelligent, pale
They’re good at their jobs,
I don’t question that,
But with socialization their skills may fall flat

YA librarian’s clothing is snazzy
Her glasses are stylish, her weblog is jazzy
With gaming and concerts
She gets the teens looks
But no one’s quite sure how it comes back to books

The older librarian shusher’s a throw
Back to when librarians viewed patrons as foe
Her sign may say reference
But if we have our preference
Will stick to answers we already know

Archivists often can seem rather cluttery
And reasons for acquiring similarly buttery
To those that surround them
They may seem mentally stale,
As we wait for that day when they find the true grail.

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