Monday, October 5, 2009

A weekend in York, Pa

I spent this past weekend "getting away" by visiting my best friend in York, Pa. We had a great time hanging out, eating junk food and taking pictures in abandoned buildings.

We had a picnic with some close friends from college at Rocky Ridge County Park where we ate and played catch at the overlook.

I was also able to visit with my undergraduate advisor and some other professors with whom I was able to discuss possible directions for my future. Although I have begun the discernment process, I feel that I need to be sure that I have other avenues available. One of these is the possibility of pursing a Phd (or masters) in history. I was honoured when my undergraduate advisor told me to let her know when I needed letters of recommendation.

I was able to meet up with a few other friends and repair a friendship that I was worried was irrepairable.

Although I wish I could have stayed through Monday (I needed to leave early Sunday morning for a meeting), I'm glad that I was able to spend the weekend with good friends.

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