Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For those of you who don't know, the G-20 (Group of 20) Summit is taking place this weekend in Pittsburgh, PA. This is a group of the world's 20 largest economies getting together to discuss economic issues. There was a "People's Summit" in Pittsburgh last weekend and people have been gathering all week to draw attention to the summit and to show to the leaders that we have been paying attention, and we know capitalism doesn't work!

While I'm sure that very little media will be paying attention to these actions and demonstrations, you can keep up to date on a variety of sources, including: (not advocating their stance)

There will be a variety of other outlets as well I am sure.

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PseudoPiskie said...

One of my Bach Choir friends is working at the summit. She filled us in on some of the protests that have already happened and promised to try to blog. I suspect she'll be too busy.