Thursday, July 17, 2008

Removing oneself from the table

I think what bothers me most about those bishops who are boycotting Lambeth, is that they are accusing us of heresy while it is they who appear to lack faith in the redemptive power of Christ. To remove themselves from the table means that they are so convinced that we are beyond redemption - that we cannot be helped or turned back to what they believe is the message of Christ that they are not even going to talk to us. Come now, should not those who are claiming to be orthodox have the most faith in Christ's redemptive power to turn hearts to him?

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johnieb said...

And it is righteous anger, Allie: don't forget that. Breaking communion while claiming to uphold it; is this not from "The Father of Lies"?

I love the Anglican Communion still; however, it appears that many who claimed to be part of it were in fact of another fold. No harm, except in the persistent effort to destroy us.

What fruits do we see? Self-righteousness, anger, fear, envy, lording it over others, binding heavy burdens to others they will not carry themselves. Fruits of A spirit, maybe, but not that of Godde.