Monday, June 23, 2008

RIP George Carlin

Comedian, 71, Dies of Heart Failure

George Dennis Carlin
12 May 1937-
22 June 2008

To the man who taught generations of kids that being smart doesn't mean you can't be funny (and that most people won't notice)...


Cavan said...

So sad and sudden; he was an amazing man. We will all miss his de-bullshitting services, as so few people do that nowadays (though we still have Lewis Black and Stephen Colbert. Phew!)


Allie said...

Did you just compare Lewis Black and Stephen Colbert to George Carlin?

Both are funny, but Carlin was a pioneer.

Cavan said...

Of course he was, I just meant they followed his example. I wasn't comparing all-time greatness. :-)

Edit: I also forgot Bill Hicks, another lost before his time.

Allie said...

Oh ok