Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spring Break

Who the BEEEEEEP puts Spring Break during Holy Week??
(admittedly its Easter that moves, not Spring Break)

Yes, so instead of going to South Africa to do some mission work like some of us at the Episcopal Ministry here were hoping to do, or my roommate going to Bermuda with her boyfriend, we'll be in church for most evenings of Spring Break.

WTF, mate.

Oh well, hopefully we'll still be able to spend some of summer vacation in Burma (helping refugees, not supporting the junta)

damn it I will get out of this country one day, even if means I have to drive to Canada over a weekend by myself for the hell of it.


pj said...

That "being in church during Spring Break" thing sounds like an occupational hazard, Allie. :)

Grandmère Mimi said...

PJ's right, Allie. You can't ever get away during Holy Week, Easter or Christmas. One pastor of a congregational church in my town lost his job for taking his family to Disney World during spring break, which came during Holy Week.

Allie said...

I wouldn't think of going away during holy week, I'm just bummed that it fell that way - if it wasn't spring break I would be glad to spend it in church.

well, I still am, but still...

johnieb said...

I'm reading *Take This Bread* about St Gregory of Nyssa's (SanFran) open communion, by Sara Miles.

Perhaps feeding the hungry can be a passionate observance. I shall need all the strength I may muster; my daughter's new in-laws mentioned something about "Republican fund-raising". Pray for me, my friends, that I may not be tested past my endurance.

Our Lady's sense of humor sometimes leaves me a little pissy: sorry.

You got any further Hanakkuh thoughts, Allie? I haven't gotten back to Joan (JerseyJo) yet, but I will; she's the other one that expressed interest, I think. I also gotta check with Michael or Aunt Kay to see what I'm committed to already in the Bronx, or across the river.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Johnieb, I read Sara Miles' book and liked it a lot. It could be what the future church will look like, only more so. We're too damned respectable.

Sympathy about your daughter's new in-laws.

Allie said...

Sympathy indeed.

As for Hannukah, I just realised that it falls the weeks before finals are due, so most likely, I will be writing final papers.

If the lot of us do want to do something I can take some study time out, I'm just not sure what....

David said...

Actually, Canada is a neat place to visit. We really enjoyed our trip to Niagara Falls/Toronto a few years ago. Pretty scenery in the Fall, lovely people - big thumbs up!

Canada: the sane, polite country ®